Binghamton Deck Renovation Project

Binghamton Deck Renovation Project

The whole purpose of deck renovation is to take the original idea and build upon it making necessary improvements and upgrades along the way. In some cases, however, a complete overhaul is necessary. This includes tearing down the old deck and wiping the slate clean. This was apparent with our Binghamton home project.

If you take a good look at these before and after photos, you will instantly notice the vast improvements in the deck in terms of solid state construction and overall better design. Instead of a small square foundation which seems to 'balance' the deck, we gave it more sturdy construction with 4 x 4 beams all around. This allows for greater weight to be placed on the deck and greater stability all around. We also modernized the entire home with a new design and added features such as stained railing trim, stairs, and decking. It's a nicer design that truly compliments the overall exterior style of the house and gives it character.

Binghamton, NY

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