Andes Deck Building Project

Andes Deck Building Project

When renovating your deck we focus on two things:

Stability - First we consider the structural stability of the deck and what components need to be added in order to make it structurally safe. This includes key areas such as solid attachment to the main structure like the house. It also includes how well the main poles are braced, the foundation into the ground, and the strength of the railing. In these photos, you'll notice the improvements that were made to reinforce the entire deck in order to make it safe for everyone.

Design - Every client eventually notices improvements or changes they would have made in a deck in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Much of this depends on your own personal taste and style. We added multiple shades of stain in various areas of the deck. This gives it texture and a unique overall style. It also gives the entire home a new stylistic dimension as well. We added finishing touches such as black railing, a smoother finish, and the hummingbird centerpiece. All of these instantly catch your attention and make a lasting impression.

Andes, NY

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