Should You Restore or Replace Your Ithaca Home’s Deck?

Should You Restore or Replace Your Ithaca Home’s Deck?

Your deck was once one of your favorite features of your Ithaca home, but after years of inclement weather and wear-and-tear, your deck may not be in the best condition. The wood stain has eroded, the wood is graying and discolored, and planks have begun to come loose from the frame. But just because the deck has seen better days doesn’t mean you can’t get it back into great shape.

Many homeowners choose to replace their decks entirely when they become damaged or worn, but at American Deck Builders, we can help you restore your deck to its original quality. Ithaca deck repairs is a cost-efficient alternative to deck replacement, and it can bring your deck back to its original high quality and great look.

Before you can decide whether your should replace or restore your deck, you’ll need to understand which issues are major and irreparable and which can be taken care of.

Underlying Structural Issues

First and foremost, you should inspect the structure of your deck. You should not try to restore a frame that is not structurally sound. If you’re unfamiliar with the components of the structure, it may behoove you to hire a professional deck builder for an inspection of the deck.

If the structure of the deck is fine, a restoration of the deck surface could be the perfect answer to beautifying your patio.

Wood Plank Problems

If the wood planks of your deck have started to split or warp, replacing the planks could a good and easy solution. There’s no point in fully replacing the deck in you can simply replace a few planks of wood to completely restore the deck. Our professionals can completely restore your deck after replacing these wood planks.

Deck Restoration

If the main problem with your Ithaca deck is its appearance, while its structure is completely safe and in great condition, you can restore your deck rather than replace it. Split boards and cupped boards will need to be replaced before professionals can start refinishing your deck. If your wood has chipping paint, refinishing contractors may need to chemically strip and power wash the planks before applying staining products.

Restoration is much more affordable that replacing your deck. If you’re tired of seeing your eyesore of a deck pollute your home and landscape’s curb appeal, our Ithaca deck restoration services can breathe new life into your deck.

Once the project is complete, we can also waterproof your deck to make sure it has all of the protection that it needs against weather and the elements. Our Ithaca deck building professionals guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the services that we provide.

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