Everthing You Ever Wanted To Know About Pergolas

Everthing You Ever Wanted To Know About Pergolas

A pergola is a welcomed addition to any garden in your backyard and best built by professional deck builders. It creates a long shaded walkway or passageway and makes a great resting area lined with benches or seats. Pergolas are constructed with vertical posts or pillars that support a cross-beam and a durable open lattice that is usually dressed with winding vines or other greenery. They have numerous applications that range from being a centerpiece in a garden to a connecting structure between buildings or even an extension of any home or other building.

Benefits and Features of Pergolas

Pergolas connect different structures or extend from a house’s doorway straight into a custom landscape or garden feature such as stone pathway or a fish pond. Pergolas that are not attached to any building are great for offering a shaded sitting area with a breezeway, Not all pergolas are designed for shade or even as a passageway. For many hardcore gardeners, it’s simply a tool to house all types of plants. This is especially true for plants with vines and beautiful flowers. Pergolas are a great feature for displaying and highlighting your most cherished greenery.

Different Options

Modern pergolas offer a wide array of designs and materials that can suit any taste or style. You can get your pergola made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or CPVC. They provide a more affordable alternative to brick or stone and are hugely popular with homeowners. Wooden pergolas are either made from a seasoned wood such as cedar or redwood which is painted or stained and treated in order to withstand outside elements. Synthetic or composite materials are even more long lasting than natural wood and they require less maintenance.

Design Ideas for Pergolas

One of the distinctive features to pergolas is that they offer flexibility in almost any scenario. Regardless of whether or not it’s landscaping, poolside, a garden or anything area of the home, you can custom design a pergola that fits perfectly into any space and for any reason. Pergolas make great hot tub covers and provide excellent shade from the sun. They also give you great privacy. Got a patio? Then create a patio partition in order to add style and design to your outdoor space. Another unique concept is to actually create a pergola over your driveway.

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