4 Great Deck Ideas For Your Home

4 Great Deck Ideas For Your Home

Summer is on it’s way! And with the warm season comes cookouts and lots of time spent out on your deck. You can put your deck experience in overdrive with some great deck additions that are not only functional, but add aesthetic value that really help your back yard stand out. Most deck features are affordable and easy to have installed by a professional deck builder. They can be designed to match the current style of both your deck and your home. If you’re looking for new ideas you can contact an American Deck Builders contractors to sit down with you and give you an endless list of options. In the meantime, here are some popular deck additions that enhance any home.

Outside Lights

Lights are one of the most practical and simple ways to keep the party going all night long. With lights, your choices are unlimited and there are literally hundreds of different designs available. You can choose from overhanging lights that go across a pergola, directional lighting that is placed in strategic areas such as under the railing, or area lighting that brightens the entire deck. A great feature is soft lighting which creates a relaxing environment. Whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to have a vision for what you want your deck to look like.

Additional Seating

Tired of pulling out the lawn chairs every time you go out to the deck? The solution is built-in seating. Installed seating allows you to instantly host several people around the edge of the deck without cluttering up the middle area. You can accent your seats with cushions, cup holders, and even end tables for placing items like food on. Seating also gives you a bonus features – storage. You can build your deck seating in a box style with a lid that opens up and allows you to place items in. Deck seating can built in the same style as your current deck with matching stain and wood.


Greenery is the perfect natural addition to any deck. If you enjoy plants and flowers on your deck, why not have some built-planters. This allows you to get creative like never before. You can start with standard box planters at edges of your deck seating, or go for long planters that run along the railing. Planters can accommodate anything from small flowers all the way to mid-size trees. They can be custom built for any type of plant no matter what is. If you currently have a pergola or covering over your deck, then you may want to consider planting vines along the top.

Grill Area

No backyard deck is complete without a grill. In fact, may homeowners will build a deck in order to have an area where they can grill out throughout the warm season. Instead of just placing your grill on the deck, however, build a custom grill area that truly enhances your deck while offering complete functionality. You can have your deck fully enclosed or build shelving for all your grill accessories. Make sure that your grill area is fireproof and placed in a safe location. An American Deck Builders contractor can show you how to get the most out of your grill area and make it totally accessible.

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