Deck Services

When you are looking for a professional to address your need for deck company services, you want to be certain that you are getting the best possible service possible. This is why our team here at American Deck Builders is the obvious choice and has been since first launching the business in 1998. Part of what makes us the obvious choice for this type of work is that this is all we do. So while other companies also focus on house painting, landscaping or even roof work, all we do is building, repair and other related service work for decks.

Deck Systems

deck systems

All of the components we offer for our deck systems is of the highest quality. We use Trex for the beauty of natural wood, without the hassle like splintering and rotting that comes with it. This makes it easier to clean, care for and enjoy. All while still getting the stunning look of natural wood. Stop spending your free time working on your deck when you could just be relaxing on it.

We also use DEK Drain ®, a revolutionary patented system that is used to keep the area beneath your deck dry, which can be used for new or existing decks. Finally, we also utilize Deckorators ® as the building blocks to creating the ultimate in outdoor living spaces. You can have your very own outdoor oasis complete with all the details and trimmings. Post caps, balusters, post covers and accessories add customized charm paired with unbeatable character.

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New Deck Construction

new deck construction

There are so many reasons to feel good about getting a new deck installed, the main benefit being that it lets you expand enjoying your home past the confines of your four interior walls. A well-planned customized deck provides you with a roofless sanctuary perfect for relaxation or entertaining. Plus, it adds to the look of your home and even increases the overall property value. Give yourself and your family a place to make memories, while enjoying warm weather, as part of your outdoor living system.

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Deck Repairs

deck repairs

It is essential to the longevity of your deck to make sure that you take care of the need for repairs in a timely manner. We can address your need for fixing up decayed or rotting wood, deck fasteners, railings, banisters and stairs, as well as cleaning and maintenance. There are so many things that can comprise the condition and overall structural integrity of your deck; let us make your deck whole again.

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Composite Decking

composite decking

This type of decking is constructed of a combination of wood and plastic. The reason for this is that you get the look and sturdiness of real wood, with the longevity and carefree ease of plastic. Wood looks good, but splinter-free plastic under your feet feels better. This can save a great deal of money, while making your deck easy to care for and providing you with practicality maintenance-free long term use.

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Deck Lighting

deck lighting

If you really want to make your deck stand out then another way to do this is with deck lighting. This will not only enhance the overall look, it will help you make your deck a safer place to move around without the likelihood of tripping and falling.

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A pergola is a great way to make your deck really stand out and look stunning, yet this is also a good way to provide a partial roof system. This can help to diffuse natural sunlight so that you don't have intense, direct sunlight beating down on you while you are on your deck.

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If you are looking for Binghamton or Ithaca Deck Builder Specialist for your home or business, please call American Deck Builders at 607-648-3872 or complete our online request form.